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I thought that retelling the story through Toto's point of view was an interesting idea. I have not come across many novels that are told from the point of view of an animal, and the few that I have read have been really interesting. I found this book hilarious throughout, and it was a really fun and light hearted read. I loved that Toto believed that he was the leader and the brains of the company, and that everyone was following his orders. As a dog owner, I thought that captured the mind of a dog perfectly, and I had no trouble in believing that Toto's thoughts were what a dog in his position would be thinking. I loved the interpretations of the characters I have come to love, and I thought there was a good mixture of content from both the movie version and the original book. I had no sympathy with Dorothy in this version however, as she was quite selfish. All the characters were also portrayed as to be quite dumb, but I found it ironic that apart from Toto, Scarecrow seemed to be the smartest character even though he lacked a brain. One thing that I think could have improved the story would have been if Toto had some extra information to tell that was not shown in the original stories, and that only he knew about. The story more or less follows what fans of The Wizard Oz already know, so I think some new information would have improved the story, as although the story from Toto's point of view was funny, there was not much addition to the plot from the original story and therefore was quite predictable. I liked the story overall, and it is quite a short read so if you are a fan of The Wizard of Oz, or just like books told from the point of view of an animal then give this one a go.


With dogged determination and heroic bravery, Toto defended Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion against countless enemies while overcoming perplexing obstacles as he steered the way through one perilous adventure after another in the dark and dangerous Land of Oz. 

At least that is how Toto retells the adventures with Dorothy and friends in the Land of Oz. A story filled with offbeat conversations and peppered with puns, Toto recounts in his own words the adventures of the original Wizard of Oz book from his diminutive perspective, enlightening readers with his humorous take on the inhabitants of Oz and on his fellow companions. 

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