Official Review:                4 out of 4 stars

"I must admit that I had some difficulties to read this book because on almost every page I had to stop and laugh until I had a hiccup."

Of the Woods is a very funny retelling of a few characters from a few well-known children’s books. This is a story of a remarkable “family tree” that was cut down by Tin Woodman [the name of the character] and split apart into five individual logs. When these five logs had fallen from the sky in front of Miguel, a “master sculptor of wood and artful painter”, he soon learns that they are not ordinary logs but a girl, two boys and their parents. He carves them accordingly. All five wooden puppets can speak just like normal people; the children can also move about freely. Their parents are carved as Greek gods candlesticks and are attached to the solid base.    Read more...

I will happily give Of the Woods 4 out of 4 stars and recommend the book for children aged 10+ and for adults of any age.

In a hilarious reinvention of classic children’s books characters, this is a tale of a singular family tree from a forest in the Land of Oz that is cut down and carved by a sculptor into wooden puppets and candlesticks.  The wooden puppets speak and behave as real children, but the parents, who are made into self-lighting candlesticks, are unable to walk on their own.

Enter an unscrupulous pair of characters who, realizing the enormous worth of these rare, beautifully carved candlesticks, kidnap them.  To find their parents, the children puppets turn to a private detective agency for help.  The detectives, a twelve year-old girl named Dorothy, a blind scarecrow, and his small, black seeing-eye dog named Toto, set off on the trail with the children tagging along.

The trail leads them to the Whale Inn where they find the parents perched on the tavern bar, forced to entertain gruff Caribbean pirates.  Guarding the entrance is a huge, ferocious lion.  With the aid of a tin woodman, the detectives and the children plot a wacky and rousing rescue.

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